Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions...
Radiant Beauty Makeup Academy FAQs:

What makes Radiant Beauty Makeup Academy (RBMA) different than other online makeup schools and free lessons available via YouTube tutorials?

RBMA approaches professional makeup artistry from a real world perspective. As as student of RBMA, you will be exposed to the inside information it takes to really be a successful makeup artist –both the good stuff and the not so good stuff. It is a wonderful opportunity to save time and money by leveraging our experiences.

Standard makeup artist training tends to focus solely on applying makeup to the face, leaving the new makeup artist so confused and scared that they never actually get their business off the ground. Over the years we have encountered many people who went to makeup school, purchased an amazing makeup kit and then NOTHING –not a single client! We won’t leave you hanging like that.

The RBMA training format is easy to understand and very user-friendly. Your training content is available in one centralized location complete with audio, video and downloads. The step-by-step picture tutorials match the video lessons and make it very easy to recreate the looks demonstrated in class. You can also upgrade to a DVD version which lets you watch the training on a larger device and on-the-go! How convenient!

How do I receive pro discounts at stores like MAC & Makeup Forever?

When applying for your pro discount card from makeup retailers, you are asked to provide proof that you really are a working, professional makeup artist. One of the qualifying credentials for most cosmetic companies is a certificate of completion from a makeup school. You can provide your RBMA Certificate of Completion along with other credentials covered in Module One to get your discount cards.

How long will it take me to complete the online RBMA class and the final test?

RBMA is an online study course designed to be completed within 30 days or less. The modules start with makeup theory and foundational business principles. Thereafter, we transition into video demonstrations and wrap up with helpful tips. You receive a new module each week to give you time to study and practice before moving into the next module. When all modules are complete, you will be presented with a final quiz covering concepts presented within each module. The final quiz will include 20 true or false and multiple choice questions. Once you have passed certification quiz with a *score of 80% or better, you will receive your certificate of completion.

Why is it important to become a certified MUA?

As you fully engage in your makeup artist career, you will connect with others who are already successful veterans of the industry. Being certified allows you to produce the credentials that assure photographers and others that you are qualified and have the ability to perform the work they want done. Since you are unlikely to have a full portfolio to display your skills, a certificate of completion from a makeup school ensures clients that you have been properly trained in industry technique and sanitation procedures.

Will I be able to start my career as a successful makeup artist after taking this course?

RBMA will provide you with more than enough information and technique to help you dive into the world of makeup. By the end of class, you will feel confident that can enhance someone’s natural beauty in a variety of ways. We highly recommend that you take full advantage of your time as a RBMA student and speak with the instructor regarding industry questions or any questions or concerns. RBMA does not provide a makeup kit but we will guide you as you make your product selections and determine what items may be necessary to create the desired look.

Will there be assignments to complete while I am a student of RBMA?

Yes, there will be assignments that need to be completed and submitted to the instructor for assessment. The certification quiz represents the completion of class. You will have an access to class content for an additional 30 days to allow you to review content and ask questions of the instructor.

What is the difference in the three class registration options that are available?

Option 1: provides the student with access to all class materials in an online format.
Option 2: includes the online format as well as a physical DVD set and printed workbooks.
Option 3: includes all of the above plus 4 hours of live training and the opportunity to accompany Shekiera on two appointments for on-site observation within 90 days of class registration.

* The final quiz may be taken up to 2 times to receive a passing score of 80% or more. Thereafter, a 6-month waiting period is required before a re-take score is accepted.