Success Tips for Makeup Artists

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Valet parking – Always choose the valet parking option when available. It will save you time and reduce frustration both coming and going. Be sure to keep singles on hand to tip the attendant. It's important to  express your gratitude for quick and efficient valet service.

Get in the habit of being early. In the makeup industry, there are so many unforeseen circumstances that could put you behind schedule. For example, you may not be prepared for last minute add-ons in a bridal party, unprepared or emotional clients, video shoots that are running behind or photo shoots that require a change of location due to weather or other obstacles.
Success in the makeup business is as much about being a smart business person as it is about honing your craft. Here are a few tips to help enjoy your career much more:

Know what events are happening in your town.

Concerts, conferences, sporting activities and other events that cause traffic delays could significantly alter your travel time.
Always have extra products on hand. 

Keep a small backup kit that is easy to transport in the event that you are asked to do makeup in an unconventional location. When that happens, it is simply not possible to take a full size makeup case with you. Improvise and enjoy the experience.
Networking –The makeup industry is all about the people. The relationships you make will often determine how fast you grow. Always keep your eyes open for new networking opportunities.
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